Board of

The Board of Directors is one of Vesta’s most important governance bodies, and its purpose is to execute and oversee that shareholders’ decisions are taken into action, and to decide on general administration policies for the company.

The Board is made up of ten members, eight of which are independent members as the term is defined by the Mexican Securities Market Law. Each member has his or her respective alternate. Lorenzo Manuel Berho Corona, who is Chairman of the Board. All Board members are selected on the basis of their experience, professional background and character, and are approved by the shareholders. Board member nominations are ratified each year.

Furthermore, and to ensure that the Board has all the information it needs to make the best decisions on the company’s operation, every session includes a brief talk updating members on key current events, such as the macroeconomic situation in Mexico, the financial markets, performance of the automotive market or supply chain dynamics, among others. These talks may be accompanied by a visit to some project, industrial bay or company of interest. Board members consider this practice to be highly valuable for their optimum performance.

Board Member Alternate Member
Lorenzo Manuel Berho Corona** Lorenzo Dominique Berho Carranza
Stephen B. Williams* Douglas M. Arthur*
José Manuel Domínguez Díaz Ceballos* José Humberto López Niederer*
Craig WielandMarlene Hormes* Enrique Carlos Lorente Ludlow*
Luis Javier Solloa Hernández Viviana Belauzarán Barrera*
John Andrew Foster* José Antonio Pujals Fuentes*
Óscar Francisco Cazares Elías* Rocío Ruíz Chavéz*
Thomas J. McDonald Daniela berho Carranza
Francisco Uranga Thomas* Jorge Alberto de Jesús Delgado Herrera*
Luis de la Calle Pardo* Javier Mancera Arrigunaga*

** Chairman

* Independent members

  Updated June, 2020