As a company committed to transparency and accountability, we have strategic commitments to create value.

Environmental, Social and Governance Committee

The Environmental, Social and Governance (ASG) Committee is a permanent body responsible for determining the strategy, verifying compliance, and evaluating the company's performance in terms of social responsibility and sustainability.
It is responsible for developing the strategy, developing, and implementing the company's environmental and social policy, and approving and presenting an annual report to the Board of Directors, which includes a summary of activities and the degree of compliance with the company's environmental and social responsibility policies.

Jorge Alberto Delgado

José Manuel Dominguez

Loreanne García Ottati

Daniela Berho

ESG Management

ESG Management is the area that directly manages all ASG issues in Vesta and works with its stakeholders. It reports directly to the company's CEO.

ASG Working Group

The ASG Working Group is composed of at least one representative from all areas of the company and aims to implement Vesta's ASG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategy to continue providing risk-adjusted returns for investors while improving portfolio performance, reducing environmental footprint, generating added value for the company and all stakeholders (investors, employees, customers, suppliers, strategic allies, and the community), always in line with Vesta's ASG policy.