We invest in our local communities by creating and supporting programs related to education and community development, all of which are supported by diversity and inclusion performance indicators, including those of vulnerable groups. Further, we deepen our impact through strategic partnerships, working with local NGOs, and related organizations as well as clients and suppliers to increase our initiatives’ social and economic impact.

Our projects

  • A better future is Possible

    Vesta partners with the ProEmpleo Productivo Foundation to train young people between the ages of 15 and 29, building their self-esteem and developing social and entrepreneurial skills which enable economic self-sufficiency.

    Location: San Luis Potosí.

  • Vesta Walking Together

    Together with the Yo Quiero Yo Puedo Foundation and IMIFAP, we work to build life skills and prevent violence and addiction in students, teachers, and parents.

    Locations: Huamantla in Tlaxcala, Ciudad Juarez in Chihuahua, and San Blas in the State of Mexico.

  • Adopt a Talent

    Allied with PAUTA, we seek to promote the talent of girls, boys, and young people in science through workshops, courses, and activities with their parents and teachers.

    Location: Queretaro

  • Inclusion and Development in the Municipality of Guadalupe

    Together with the Institute for Women of Guadalupe, Movimiento STEAM, and Mind the Gap/SPL, we implement the Mind the Gap philosophy to increase employment opportunities and development for girls and women in the municipality of Guadalupe, promoting gender equity and inclusion.

    Location: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

    • Mexican Dream Plurals

      Partnering with Mexican Dream and Plurals enables Vesta to promote vulnerable young people’s social and human development while preventing violence. Both private and public supporters are involved in this project that aims for a healthier social fabric.

      Location: Tijuana, BC.

    • Local Economy Development

      Together with Balloon Latam, we improve and promote the development of economies in communities, strengthening and rethinking entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems.

      Location: Huejotzingo, Puebla y El Salto, Jalisco.

    • Building

      Together with building suppliers and/or contractors, we build houses and classrooms

      Location: Estado de México

    • Baja Challenge

      Together with our supplier Ware Malcomb and other contractors, we improve the quality of life for vulnerable families by building basic housing. Our collaborators from Tijuana participate actively as volunteers.

      Location: Tijuana, BC.

    • Participatory planning process

      In alliance with Fundación Comunitaria Bajío, we create projects and promote the development of communities, organizing the inhabitants of the community, authorities and organizations.

      Location: Chichimequillas, Guanajuato

      2022 investments in social projects

      100% of regions
      with social projects


      Social projects

      2 lines of action:
      Education and Community Development

      Key components of Vesta’s social and environmental commitment include the respect human rights, labor standards, environmental stewardship, transparency, and the fight against corruption throughout our operations and in our relationships with stakeholders.

      o Vesta joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2011 and have aligned our initiatives with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since 2017.

      Vesta’s social and community development initiatives and use of cutting-edge technology directly address five of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), optimizing natural resource consumption while reducing our environmental footprint.                                                    

      Our direct impact objectives are:

      Most of Vesta’s developments include the use of solar panels and/or wastewater treatment plants to increase the efficient use of natural resources. We join our clients and value chain partners in strategic alliances for the same purpose. We also form strategic alliances with our clients and value chain partners                                                                      

      Our indirect impact objectives are:

      We engage with our stakeholders, acknowledging the diverse cultural, economic, and social contexts in which we operate.
      Since 2017, Vesta updates its Materiality Analysis every two years, the most recent update having been completed in 2022. This process identifies those high-impact issues most relevant to Vesta and our stakeholders. The resulting analysis then drives future initiatives and procedures, and guides our Company’s ESG focus and related budgets. Vesta's ESG Strategy is also aligned with our Level 3 business strategy and targets.

      We manage Vesta's properties comprehensively, in shared responsibility with our stakeholders, particularly our tenants and suppliers. Therefore, we have a commitment program that outlines how Vesta acts and engages with its audiences, the commitments to enhance the sustainable performance of our developments and activities.