Engagement Program

Our Engagement Program serves as a bilateral communication channel with the objective of measuring, reporting, and managing resource consumption, as well as the economic and social costs associated with our interactions with each stakeholder.
Objectives of the Engagement Program
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The aim is to attract new capital, improve information transparency, and cultivate a positive reputation.

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The program strives to foster engagement, motivation, development, teamwork, work-life balance, and a comprehensive understanding of the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) landscape.

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The primary goal is to enhance tenant satisfaction and provide support for their continuous improvement in practices.

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The focus is on identifying innovative solutions to address key sector challenges, thereby enhancing and adapting our processes to meet current ESG demands.

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We seek to generate shared and sustainable value through collaborative knowledge sharing, skill exchange, and expertise. Additionally, we conduct audits of the foundations we collaborate with.

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Supply Chain

Our objective is to ensure that our suppliers and strategic partners are well-informed about Vesta's preference for sustainable products and services that align with ESG practices.