• The challenge of continued growth: Vesta and the automotive sector in San Luis Potosí.

    The automotive industry is the main driver of development in SLP. The challenges of growth are numerous. Strengthening the specialization of the workforce and having adequate infrastructure are part of the opportunities.

  • Commitment to diversity is a daily and integral reality for Vesta.

    Our long-term vision, based on the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy, is aimed at building a legacy for future generations.

  • The role of Latin American investments in climate action.

    Vesta signed the Declaration of Support for the Paris Agreement and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

  • Circular economy in industrial parks.

    Have you heard about the concept of the circular economy? How does it relate to industrial parks?

  • Vesta refinances its debt.

    Corporación Inmobiliaria Vesta, S.A. B. de C. V. (BMV: Vesta) concludes several financing operations for a total of US$400 million.

  • What do you think when you hear sustainable development?

    It is very common when we hear these types of terms to think about helping "poor or needy people" through in-kind and financial donations, and even participating in reforestation efforts.

  • What are the priority issues for sustainable development?

    Sustainable development refers to the production, consumption, and investment habits that enable us to always enjoy the material, social, and environmental conditions for a dignified existence and a better quality of life.

  • Have you heard about stakeholder groups?

    Stakeholder groups are the audiences that impact an organization and its surroundings.

  • Sustainability as the new trend in corporate communication.

    The first industrial real estate developer to obtain the WELL certification in its corporate offices in Mexico City, as well as achieving the GOLD level for the first time in Mexico.

  • Responsible Consumption: 5 Facts You Didn't Know About Water

    Over time, rational water consumption has gained greater relevance in the global landscape.

  • Responsible Consumption: Why is recycling important?

    If we compare the amount of waste generated in the world throughout history, in the last 40 years, more waste has been produced than from the origin of mankind until 1970.

  • Do you know the relationship between culture and sustainable development?

    Culture is what shapes our identity and is part of our being.

  • Importance of the 3R's

    Recycling and reusing are extremely important to avoid depleting our natural resources and, above all, to prevent further pollution of our bodies of water and other land areas.

  • The benefits of having Sustainable Management in your company

    When we talk about the benefits of having responsible and sustainable management in our company, we need to ask ourselves a very important question: Is our sustainable strategy aligned with our core business?

  • Millennials as Agents of Change in Environmental and Social Issues

    If you were born between 1981 and 2000, you have probably had to hear some unpleasant statements about how millennials are perceived, with statements such as: "they don't do things properly," "they don't believe in commitment."

  • Make your home sustainable

    Currently, climate change is a pressing issue that affects all living beings on the planet...

  • Wellness Series I Explore Your Creativity

    We invite you to read this series, inspired by the "A Year of Living Better" guide from The New York Times, where we share tips for living more fully and/or working more productively.

  • Together, Let's Enhance the School - Vesta Volunteer Program

    Big opportunities to help others rarely come, but the small ones surround us every day - Sally Koch

  • Why is it important to rebuild a school?

    The data from the September 19th earthquake was extensive. Children should not bear the consequences.

  • Vesta 20th Anniversary

  • Binational Program Birds without Paradise

    Vesta has sponsored an artistic project to further strengthen cooperation between the sister cities of Tijuana and San Diego, involving 700 boys and girls, 22 schools, 3 installation locations, and 12 co-sponsors and strategic partners.

  • Envisioning success in the future, we will build together the Industry 4.0 in Mexico

    Because we will not stay the same if we do not transform ourselves for a completely different world, in an ever-changing era, we wrote a book that talks about the industrial evolution to reach Industry 4.0 today.

  • What is the impact of Industry 4.0 on Mexico?

    The changes and transformations happening by Luis Miguel Beristain for Vesta.

  • When is an organizational process relevant?

    Companies, like individuals, need to stay "fit". 

  • Ecovadis recognizes Vesta

    With the award for leadership in sustainability. Obtaining international recognition for a task to which we all contribute at Vesta is a source of pride for each of us.

  • ESG at the core of our business

    We are a Mexican public company, an investment channel that develops, owns, buys, sells, and manages industrial real estate assets in 15 states of the Mexican Republic.


    Let's make a difference. We have spent over a decade living in a consumption pattern where we satisfy all our whims through on-demand services. This has transformed our expectations, focusing them on our convenience.

  • Locations for e-commerce

    Vesta solves your location needs just 20 minutes away from Mexico City.

  • Electricity for industrial parks

    Vesta Park Queretaro provides a solution for the supply of electrical energy to its tenants.

  • Vesta in the LatAm Investor Climate Initiative

    As signatories of the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment), we will advance to strengthen climate change management.