Integrity is a core value that guides our actions.

Vesta’s Code of Ethics embodies our Company’s spirit and dedication to excellence and integrity throughout our operations.

This Code of Ethics is reviewed and updated every two years, also with stakeholder input. Vesta’s Chief Integrity Officer enables a culture of integrity while ensuring employees’ compliance. We actively engage with the below global initiatives which ensure our commitment to integrity is aligned with global best practices.

We actively engage in global initiatives to reinforce our commitment to integrity.

Cámara Mexicano-Alemana de Comercio e Industria.

Vesta proactively identifies and addresses potential risks associated with our business and operations.

The Company developed a comprehensive strategy and action plan in 2019 to prevent and mitigate financial, market, regulatory, legal, environmental, social, and technology-related risks. This strategy, which continues to expand and evolve, has been implemented across the organization and throughout Vesta’s leased industrial real estate properties.

We acknowledge that climate change is a reality.

In line with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures and GRESB, we conduct a maturity analysis and develop risk matrices for transition, physical, and social risks in each area of our company.

Top management is actively involved in risk management.

Risk Management Analysis

We have implemented a reporting policy to communicate any violations of the Code of Ethics and our Anti-Corruption Policy:

We firmly believe in the need to prevent and combat corruption

We promote an anti-corruption culture that is the responsibility of every employee, not just top management

To ensure ethical behavior, we have an Anti-Corruption Policy

We implement practices such as:
  • Code of Ethics training and orientation for all new employees

  • Supplier adherence to our Supplier Code of Ethics, ESG Policies, Sustainable Purchasing, and Anti-Corruption guidelines, as well as Supplier ESG Requirements.

  • Zero tolerance for corruption. We expect suppliers and clients to comply with the Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Illicit Proceeds, Federal Labor laws, and the Sustainable Construction Manual for contractors.

  • As part of our ESG Strategy, we seek to evaluate our supply chain regarding environmental, social and corporate governance matters. To do this, we have developed the following process:

Vesta has established policies and procedures to address the following:

Personal data protection and information security

We safeguard the confidentiality and security of physical and digital information through measures that protect Vesta's programs and systems' integrity.

Conflict of interest

We require annual written declarations of any activities, relationships, financial interests to identify potential conflicts of interest.

Transparency and accountability

Financial interests, work, or relationships with Vesta's competitors, suppliers, clients, or contractors are not permitted. Purchasing or procurement decisions which inappropriately benefit Vesta employees, friends, or relatives are also not permitted

Human Rights are ensured in all our interactions with stakeholders, in our management, and operations.

Vesta’s ensures Human Rights are respected in all interactions with stakeholders, in our management and operations.

Vesta opposes child labor, forced labor, discrimination, negative social impacts, and any violation of human rights, at related to our industrial parks.

Vesta has been a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact since 2011.

Vesta benefits from a diverse workforce

Our team embraces all personnel without prejudice related to age, gender, origin, nationality, marital status, religion, social or economic situation, sexual orientation, or political preference. Vesta is an equal opportunity employer, in accordance with our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy.

While Vesta’s employees are not affiliated with any labor unions, the Company supports freedom of association.

Vesta continues to invest in our employees’ working conditions and their overall well-being.

  • Open-door culture.

  • Dialogue to resolve conflicts.

  • Benefits beyond legal requirements.

  • Safe facilities for employees and stakeholders.

  • Promotion of diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities within the company.

  • Professional and personal training and development for our employees.

  • Intimidating, hostile, or offensive behavior or communication are not tolerated.

  • Respect to others' time.

  • Vesta is an excellent company to work for and build a career with.

Vesta’s Ambassadors Program: Further Strengthens Vesta’s Organizational Culture

Vesta’s Change Agents, called “Ambassadors”, are empowered to implement policies and programs which further strengthen morale, reinforce team values and also, ensures two-way communications between employees and Vesta’s leadership team